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NAWCA & Coastal Grant Update

Twenty-three North American Wetland Conservation Act grants and eleven National Coastal Wetland Conservation Grants were awarded in the ACJV in fiscal year 2015. Partners were awarded nearly $23 million grant dollars, matched by over $32.3 million dollars helping to protect, restore, and enhance 43,000 acres. More...

ACJV Launches New Website!

The ACJV has a new website! We've been hard at work updating the look of the ACJV website; making it visually appealing and user friendly. There are lots of new features to explore and we welcome your feedback. Check out the new site at www.acjv.org and provide feedback to debra_reynolds@fws.gov.

Integrated Waterbird Management & Monitoring Update

Integrated Waterbird Management and Monitoring (IWMM) is a unique approach designed to help individuals and organizations that manage habitats for waterbirds. This cross-programmatic effort provides a standardized protocol and database for monitoring waterbirds at refuge stations, along with decision support tools for local-scale decisions. More...

Long-time ACJV Management Board Memeber Wayne MacCallum Retires

Wayne MacCallum, Director of Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, retired in February. Wayne served on the ACJV Management Board since it's inception in 1988 and has been a strong advocate for the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA). He served as chairperson of the NAWCA council, which has been responsible for millions of dollars in federal grants to Massachusetts and across the nation, to protect habitat for migratory birds. More...

South Carolina DNR Employee Helps Barn Owls Thrive

Because one S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) employee decided to invest his time and talent, barn owls on the South Carolina coast are thriving and contributing to the knowledge of another species. This highly successful program not only underlines the value of managed wetlands to various and unexpected wildlife species, but also how the commitment and dedication of one DNR employee can have a large impact on sustaining a declining species. More...

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