Upcoming Workshops in Tallahassee: Input Requested on the Development of South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint

The South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (SALCC) is looking for input on the development of Version 2.0 of the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint. The SALCC Blueprint is similar to Florida's Critical Land and Waters Identification Project (CLIP: see the Cooperative Conservation Blueprint for more); while there are some differences in process and content, the goal of identifying the best places for conservation action is the same.


The Blueprint is a consistent cross-boundary, cross-organization plan for how to respond to future changes in the South Atlantic region, such as urban growth, climate change and sea level rise. Participants in the workshops will be looking at potential strategies for responding to these changes and the trade-offs across each using the South Atlantic Ecosystem Indicators. The same activities will occur at each workshop so sign-up for just one is sufficient. For more information on the workshops, click here. Participants will be working with a diverse group of natural and cultural resource professionals to create Version 2.0 of the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint.


The SALCC covers the northern portion of the Florida peninsula, the big bend region of the Gulf coast and the eastern portion of the panhandle.


These workshops are open to all and registration is free. There are two workshop dates in Tallahassee, on March 11 and 12:



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