The Lower St. Johns River - A Special Integration Zone Between Two Bordering LCCs

From Beth Stys, Peninsular Florida co-Science Coordinator and South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee Chair:

A proposal to identify a portion of the Lower St. Johns River watershed as a Special Integration Zone was drafted by Peninsular Florida LCC staff and brought before the steering committees of the Peninsular Florida and South Atlantic LCCs at their respective meetings held in early June. The northern half of the Lower St. Johns watershed (HUC8, cross-hatched area in the graphic) is in the South Atlantic LCC geography, while the remaining portion of the watershed and the entire Upper St. Johns watershed are in the Peninsular Florida LCC geography.

Both steering committees agreed that it makes sense to have one LCC serve as lead for the St. Johns River system. The South Atlantic LCC steering committee unanimously approved that the northern portion of the Lower St. Johns watershed be a Special Integration Zone, with the PFLCC taking the lead on planning and management for this area. This designation does not mean that this area has been removed from the SALCC - the SALCC will continue to include this area in its mapping and assessment of their geography. A Special Integration Zone provides additional opportunity for these two neighboring LCCs to work together across the landscape.

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