Sarasota Bay Estuary Program launches Sea Level Rise brochure


Sarasota Bay Estuary Program recently launched the Sea Level Rise (SLR) brochure. There are a limited number of printed editions available. You can also find the electronic version on their website . The purpose of this publication Sea Level Rise – Tips for Adaptation Planning is to provide information to local community leaders, planners, resource managers and concerned individuals about basic considerations and tools to help adapt to climate-related sea level rise.

The SLR brochure provides maps, tools and tips that can also be broadly applicable to many other climate-related impacts such as heat waves and heavier precipitation periods, increased drought and more extreme weather events. This project was funded by a grant received from the EPA Climate Ready Estuaries Program. Sarasota Bay Estuary Program contracted and partnered with Mote Marine Laboratory to complete the brochure and SLR visualization tool. Please visit Sarasota Bay Estuary Program to view the SLR brochure and visualization tool or contact Sara Kane at to request a printed copy of the brochure.

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