recording available of webinar: "Landscape conservation, Urbanization, and Climate Change Scenarios for the State of Florida"

NOW AVAILABLE: a recording of the Landscape Conservation Design webinar, "Landscape Conservation, Urbanization, and Climate Change Scenarios for the State of Florida" with Steve Traxler, held on May 29, 2014.  The recording can be accessed at:

In this webinar, Steve Traxler, Science Coordinator for the PFLCC, discusses the one of the most recent science projects supported by the Peninsular Florida LCC.


The Peninsular Florida LCC focuses on science that can enable natural and cultural resource managers to make informed conservation decisions based on predicted impacts of different landscape scale stressors. The most recent science project supported by the PFLCC is the development of scenarios that feature three simulated future time horizons ─ 2020, 2040 and 2060 ─ and possible trajectories of future landscape change for each. The scenarios are informed by climate change, shifts in planning or regulations, population growth and varied financial resources; the latest updates to statewide conservation priorities are also incorporated via the Critical Lands and Water Identification Project dataset. While the scenarios are meant to be a resource for anyone involved in conservation planning, they shouldn’t be looked at as a blueprint for the future; they will need to be updated and adjusted as new variables occur. However, the scenarios should be a valuable tool for conservation planning, and the next step for the PFLCC is to develop strategies on getting the scenarios tool implemented and in the hands of those directly involved in land use planning.



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