Recap: Marine/Estuarine Conservation Target Identification Workshops

The PFLCC recently completed its final Marine/Estuarine Conservation Target identification workshop. From April to June 2017, workshops were held in St. Petersburg, Gainesville, and Davie. These workshops offered brainstorming sessions for salt marsh, mangrove, seagrass, coral, and general marine/estuarine systems. A total of 47 individuals attended, representing 15 different agencies and organizations.

These workshops were designed to bring together expert individuals to help create a prioritized list of Conservation Targets (indicators) and their associated metrics. The top 3-5 targets identified for each system will soon be presented online for further comment. We will then begin the "vetting" process for the targets and metrics, identifying available datasets and their applicability, spatial range, and monitoring status. Future webinars will present the results of this process to participating partners, continuing the refinement of the Conservation Targets.

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