Presidential Memorandum on Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators

A presidential memorandum was released on Friday, announcing a "federal strategy to promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators".

Honey bee numbers have been in decline, including the loss last winter of 23.2 percent of the country's managed honey bee colonies, accoring to a report by the Bee Informed Partnership. Other important pollinators, such as butterflies and bats, have also had population numbers significantly drop in recent years. President Obama's signing of this memorandum creates an inter-agency task force to develop federal strategies for protecting and offsetting further decline of these key pollinators. According to the memorandum, the loss of these pollinators " ... is serious and requires immediate attention to ensure the sustainability of our food production systems, avoid additional economic impact on the agricultural sector, and protect the health of the environment."

Read the full Presidential Memorandum.


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