Position Announcement: Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership Coordinator



(Closes December 17, 2014)


Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership Coordinator


Background: The Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) is an established Fish Habitat Partnership (www.fishhabitat.org) that is actively working to implement the goals and objectives of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan, and the regionally-focused Southeast Aquatic Habitat Plan, in the southeastern United States.  The partnership consists of member agencies of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, federal agencies, industry partners, and non-governmental organizations actively engaged in the management and conservation of fisheries and other aquatic resources in the southeastern United States. Since its formation in 2004, SARP has fostered collaboration among local, regional, and national partners, shared and leveraged data and technical expertise, coordinated science-based conservation planning, and secured funding and other resources to support implementation of 126 projects aimed at restoring, maintaining, and enhancing aquatic resources of the southeastern US.  These activities have contributed to the following outcomes in the region:

  • 298 miles of instream habitats restored or enhanced
  • 9,639 acres of riparian and upland habitats restored or enhanced
  • 21,500 acres of coastal wetlands restored
  • 14 acres of oyster reefs created or restored
  • 7 dams or other instream barriers removed or bypassed, re-opening 42 miles of river to fish passage
  • Conservation agreements secured that implemented improved land management practices on more than 100,000 acres of private lands within SARP Conservation Focus Areas
  • > 5000 local partners contributed > 27,000 hours of volunteer labor
  • 15 SARP projects selected to the National Fish Habitat Partnership’s annual 10 Waters to Watch list


Duties and responsibilities of the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership Coordinator – In close cooperation with SARP member agencies and organizations, and with direction and oversight provided by the SARP Steering Committee, the SARP Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Southeast Aquatic Habitat Plan throughout the southeastern US. Because SARP is not a legal incorporated entity, the SARP Coordinator will be employed and provided office support by one of the SARP member agencies or organizations.  The specific SARP member agency or organization to host the position and specific office location will be determined once the successful applicant has been identified. The initial appointment term for the position will be two years with extension beyond that time contingent upon performance and availability of funding. Performance objectives will be discussed with selected applicant upon hire.



Specific duties and responsibilities of the SARP Coordinator include:


  • Facilitating communication among SARP members agencies and organizations;
  • Coordinating and facilitating overall implementation of SARP programs;
  • Providing primary staff support to the SARP Steering Committee, advisory groups, and program activities and attending to SARP administrative matters including preparing SARP news releases and other correspondence;
  • Supervising SARP staff and contractors, projects, and financial management;
  • Coordinating all SARP associated meetings and providing administrative support, including preparing and distributing SARP meeting summaries;
  • Coordinating SARP outreach activities including coordinating with and seeking participation in SARP activities by other agencies and organizations at all levels with significant interests and responsibilities for managing aquatic resources in the Southeast and developing and managing mechanisms (e.g., web site, newsletter, publications) for communicating SARP accomplishments and activities to those outside the partnership;
  • Actively pursuing funding initiatives for SARP:
  • Reminding SARP member representatives of pending action items, deadlines and generally keeping the members focused on SARP objectives;
  • Monitoring progress in achieving SARP goals and objectives and preparing the annual report on accomplishments to the SARP Steering Committee.
  • Actively participating in the National Fish Habitat Partnership and meeting SARP’s responsibilities as a regional Fish Habitat Partnership.


Qualifications: Specific qualifications may include, but are not limited to the following:


  • BA/BS in Fisheries/Aquatic Ecology, Sciences, Resources Management or closely-related field. MA/MS preferred.
  • Knowledge of concepts, principles, and practices of aquatic biology, including ecology, fishery management, conservation biology, and landscape-level management planning.  Such knowledge must be sufficient to serve as a technical resource and spokesperson on regional-scale management and restoration of aquatic resources and to provide technical leadership, interagency coordination and assistance, and high level consultation with line managers in multiple organizations.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the broad range of policies, programs, goals, objectives and funding mechanisms for aquatic resources management and conservation and the roles of federal, state, tribal, and local governments and non-governmental organizations and their constituencies in meeting these objectives. 
  • Knowledge of state, federal, local, and tribal agency, as well as non-governmental organization management planning processes.  Such knowledge must be sufficient to build and maintain strong working relationships with federal, state, local and tribal agencies, non-government organizations, industry, and other affected entities to enable the negotiation of complex aquatic resource management and funding arrangements to facilitate development and implementation of aquatic resource management plans.
  • Skill in oral and written communication sufficient to effectively interact with SARP partner representatives at all levels, to represent the SARP on various and interagency technical teams/committees and policy forums and to effectively present the SARP’s posture on matters pertinent to the SARP mission and goals.
  • Skill in managing available resources to ensure effective utilization of staff time, equipment, and funds relative to priorities and needs of a diverse interagency program.  These skills must include the effective use of a variety of digital information technologies.
  • Skill in coordinating with and interacting with peers and program managers at all levels in multiple federal, state, local and tribal agencies, fishery councils and commissions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector sufficient to ensure a coherent program of regional-scale aquatic resource management advocacy and coordination.
  • Selected applicant is responsible for possession and retention of valid driver’s license.


Compensation:  Minimum annual salary of $60,000, with salary and benefits negotiable based on skills and experience.


For information on the position, please contact: Ms. Angelyn Mewborn, SARP Administrative Manager, angelynm@southeastaquatics.net , or (706)-557-3342.


Applying for the Position:  A cover letter and standard résumé that summarize academic and work history, contact information for references and past supervisors should be submitted to:


Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership

c/o Angelyn Mewborn, Administrative Manager

2123 Hwy 278 SE

Social Circle, GA 30025

Office:  (706) 557-3342

Fax:  (706) 557-3040



Applications must be sent via e-mail and received no later than 5:00PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on December 17, 2014.



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