NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation announces 2016 Community-based Restoration Program Grants

From NOAA's Office of Habitat Conservation:

NOAA is recommending $9 million in funding for 17 habitat restoration projects! Recommended projects will restore habitats for coastal and marine species by opening river systems to fish passage, reconnecting rivers to their floodplains, increasing the availability of corals for restoration, and rebuilding oyster reefs.


The recommended projects will contribute to the recovery, conservation, and resilience of protected species such as salmon and coral. In Florida, the recommended project will plant more than 50,000 corals on eight reefs across the Florida Reef Tract in partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation. The reefs will be planted with two species of coral listed under the Endangered Species Act and the project will also develop the capacity to grow and transplant three additional threatened species, potentially benefitting a total of five threatened coral species in south Florida and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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