From the Gulf of Mexico Alliance:

Over 440 projects now being followed

The Deepwater Horizon Project Tracker (Tracker) was launched in April 2015 and since then, the Team has worked hard to upgrade the tool's features. They have added not only new projects but programs to the Tracker. New programs include:

  • The RESTORE Act Science Program               7 Projects
  • Gulf Region Health Outreach Program              8 Projects
  • Florida RESTORE Act Centers of Excellence   10 Projects
  • NFWF Recovered Oil Fund for Wildlife             48 Projects

The Tracker is unique because it includes several programs that are not being tracked elsewhere, such as the Gulf Region Health Outreach Program.The
Tracker Team has also added 11 new projects to the 17 previously compiled from the North
American Wetlands Conservation Act. Once awarded, the Tracker Team will add
projects recently approved for funding through the RESTORE Council, NRDA Phase
IV, GoMRI RFP V, and the Department of Treasury. The Tracker Team works
with many different partners to ensure a comprehensive overview of programs and
projects funded as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Learn more about these on the Tracker website

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