LCC Coordinator position opportunities with the Peninsular Florida LCC and the Caribbean LCC

Currently there are opportunities to fill Coordinator positions with both the Peninsular Florida LCC and the Caribbean LCC, working for the Department of Interior, USFWS:

The following vacancy is open through the USAJobs® Website.

Fish and Wildlife Administrator (LCC) 


GS 0480-14


R4-16-1654869-AL-MP - Open to Status candidates and VEOA elgibiles

R4-16-1655014-AL-DEU - Open to U.S. Citizens




2 Vacancies:

1) Vero Beach, Florida or Tallahassee. Florida

1) San Juan, Puerto Rico                   


Open:  03.24.16  Close: 04.06.16


Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) are landscape-scale conservation-science partnerships between the Service and other conservation agencies and organizations. As the LCC Coordinator for the assigned area, the incumbent assumes principal responsibilities for initiating, facilitating, integrating, coordinating, and communicating the work and activities of the partnership through the cooperative conservation community, as well as management of LCC staff and operations. Work and activities relate to several primary functional aspects of SHC implementation and administration, including coordinating biological planning, conservation design, conservation delivery, assumption-driven research, monitoring/evaluation, and organizational performance. The incumbent works collaboratively with Service program representatives, designated representatives of the State conservation agencies, sister bureaus in the Department of the Interior, and other partners committed to an ecologically sustainable landscape.

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Why is conservation on a larger, landscape-sized scale important? Read more about Landscape Conservation Cooperatives here.

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