Funding Available for Habitat Conservation Projects in New NOAA Habitat Focus Areas, including Biscayne Bay, FL

From NOAA's Office of Habitat Conservation:

Up to $1.2 million is available to support habitat conservation projects that sustain resilient and thriving marine and coastal resources, communities, and economies. The funding is available in three newly-selected NOAA Habitat Focus Areas: Biscayne Bay, FL; Puerto Rico's Northeast Reserves and Culebra Island, and Kachemak Bay, AK.  


Proposals must address the unique, site-specific objectives and issues that have been identified for each of the three areas listed above. All proposed projects should support activities that either:

  1. Restore degraded or altered marine, estuarine, coastal, and freshwater habitats;
  2. Protect marine, estuarine, coastal habits; return target species to their historical habitats; or
  3. Foster resilient coastal communities; or advance and/or fill gaps in habitat science.

Read all the details on requirements and the process for applying. Applications are due by March 30, 2015.

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