Florida State Wildlife Grants Announced, Request for Proposals - Applications due by July 13, 2015



Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative is pleased to invite you to submit applications for Florida’s State Wildlife Grants Program.  Applications are due by 12:00 p.m. (noon) Eastern Time July 13, 2015.  Applications should be prepared in accordance with Florida’s State Wildlife Grants Program Guidelines and instructions in the full grant announcement, which can can be found on the Apply for a Grant Web page.  Applicants will be notified about selected projects by February 1, 2016.  Selected projects will start no earlier than July 1, 2016.


Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative is seeking applications for the following projects. 


  • Data Gaps

    • Project:  Determining Occurrence and Habitat Use by the Big Cypress Fox Squirrel on Public Lands ($90,000 available)


  • Marine

    • Project:  Evaluate risk of disease to wild Acropora species when outplanting occurs interspersed with the wild populations vs. segregated from wild populations ($75,000 available)

    • Project:  Identification of site characteristics driving coral reef restoration success along the Florida Reef Tract ($205,500 available)


      These projects are being developed to address the goals of Florida’s State Wildlife Action Plan.  Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative and partners have identified project needs and objectives.  Applicants are asked to submit project proposals that detail the approach best suited to meet the stated objectives.


      Should you have any questions regarding the grant cycle or application requirements, please contact Andrea Alden, the State Wildlife Grants Coordinator, at Andrea.Alden@MyFWC.com or Robyn McDole, the Assistant State Wildlife Grants Coordinator, at Robyn.McDole@MyFWC.com.

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