Communicating Climate Change Scenarios with Decision Makers

The COMET Program has announced the publication of the new offering, "Communicating Climate Change Scenarios With Decision Makers” ( In this one-hour lecture, presented in three parts, research hydrologist Dr. Holly Hartmann discusses issues and approaches for communicating with decision-makers regarding climate change topics in water management and planning. Dr. Hartmann is a national leader in research related to the development of decision support tools for climate, water, and other resource management applications, especially linking research with the needs of decision-makers and moving research into agency operations. 

The intended audience for this lecture is primarily hydrologists who need to effectively communicate with planners, decision-makers and the general public about climate change projections and recommendations. 
The COMET Program welcomes any comments or questions you may have regarding the content, instructional approach, or use of this lecture. Please e-mail your comments or questions to Lon Goldstein ( For technical support, please visit their Registration and Support FAQs <>


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