Meet the PFLCC Coordinator

Dr. Todd Hopkins comes to the PFLCC from his previous position, where he was the Science Coordinator for the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative; a five-state, self-directed partnership that is delivering several million acres of conservation and climate resilience though it’s partners. Before heading west to the Great Basin, Todd worked on the Everglades Restoration Program with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, where he and his team worked on the first five restoration projects. Todd also co-chaired the Everglades Adaptive Assessment and Management Team, helped write the Department of Interior’s Science Plan for South Florida, and was a member of the PFLCC Development Team. He has held scientific, regulatory, and leadership positions with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and two National Estuarine Research Reserves. Todd and his wife Lori enjoy fishing, cycling, diving, and gardening.


Why is conservation on a larger, landscape-sized scale important? Read more about Landscape Conservation Cooperatives here.

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