Meet Our Science Coordinators

Steve Traxler works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Senior Fish and Wildlife Biologist.  Steve has been working on Everglade’s restoration since 1996.  Since 2011, he was on the development team for the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative (PFLCC) and has been coordinating science for the PFLCC.  Steve’s other projects include Everglades RECOVER (System wide evaluation, monitoring and adaptive management team), climate change, and teaching restoration partnering, scenario planning, and landscape conservation design for the National Conservation Training Center.  Previously, he worked on Everglade’s restoration projects on the estuaries including the Indian River Lagoon, Florida Bay, and Biscayne Bay.  Steve also works with a local marine conservation non-profit focused on sea turtle research and education called InWater Research Group, Inc.  His degrees are from Florida Institute of Technology (Bachelors) and a Masters in fisheries from Texas A & M University.  Steve and his wife Debbie enjoy boating, fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, and hiking.  


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