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New guide from the National Wildlife Federation provides conservation guidance in a changing climate - May 2014: "Climate-Smart Conservation: Putting Adaption Principals into Practice"

Climate-Smart Conservation: Putting Adaption Principles into Practice


Landscape Conservation and Climate Change Scenarios for the State of Florida: A Decision Support System for Strategic Conservation

Summary for Decision Makers


USFWS Climate Change Update - January 2014.  The first edition of the US Fish and Wildlife Service Climate Change Update from the Office of the Science Advisor.

USFWS Climate Change Update - Jan 2014

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives: Bridging Entities to Facilitate Adaptive Co-Governance of Social-Ecological Systesm

Jacobsen and Robertson: Bridges Co-management


Final Draft of the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative Charter.

PFLCC Charter Final Draft


Forest Service Wildlife & Fish Research Updates - Digest

A bimonthly newsletter for the Wildlife and Fish SPA scientist and staff.

August 28 digest

October 26 digest


Update: GeoAdaptive and FAU Progress Report on the PFLCC Alternative Future Scenarios

Below are updates from the work contributed by GeoAdaptive and FAU on the PFLCC Climate Scenarios and Species Vulnerability.

July 2012 Progress Report: PFLCC Climate Scenarios and Species Vulnerability Assessment

March 2012 Summary: PFLCC Climate Scenarios and Species Vulnerability Assessment



State of the Climate in 2011

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Climatic Data Center

The article is a supplement to the July 2012 issue (Vol. 93, No. 7) of the Bulletin of the American Meterological Society (BAMS).

State of the Climate in 2011


Why is conservation on a larger, landscape-sized scale important? Read more about Landscape Conservation Cooperatives here.

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