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The Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative (PFLCC) is part of a national network of Landscape Conservation Cooperatives(LCCs).  LCCs are applied conservation science partnerships among federal agencies, regional organizations, states, tribes, NGOs, private stakeholders, universities and other entities within a geographic area. They are designed to inform resource management decisions in an integrated fashion across landscapes at a broader scale than any individual partner’s responsibility.

The partnership will consider landscape-scale stressors, including climate change, habitat fragmentation, invasive species, and water scarcity as it attempts to provide a vision for a landscape capable of sustaining healthy populations of fish, wildlife, plants and cultural resources.

Tim's Corner

Meet the PFLCC Coordinator Tim Breault 

Hi Folks and welcome to the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative network site. As the PFLCC coordinator, I welcome you to the site either as a first time visitor or as a returning member. This site is a venue in which we hope to provide a forum for communication as well as a mechanism for feedback and links to new information. Please consider joining this site and establishing personal settings that will alert you through email when new content is posted


I am eagerly looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the conservation community in Florida as we work to develop the PFLCC into a self-directed partnership. Furthermore, I am very excited about the prospects for a highly successful LCC in Florida. We already have a number of highly effective partnerships and collaborative efforts in place that can serve a foundation for moving the LCC from a concept to a reality.

USFWS News Release announcing Tim as PFLCC Coordinator




Why is conservation on a larger, landscape-sized scale important? Read more about Landscape Conservation Cooperatives here.

Feature Projects of Peninsular Florida LCC Members

Florida's Cooperative Conservation Blueprint (CCB)




Landscape Conservation and Climate Change Scenarios for Florida: A Decision Support System for Strategic Conservation

Summary for Decision Makers


USFWS Climate Change Update for January 2014 now available.


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